Our Story

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From Sam's Point of View~

Minna is the most beautiful and precious person in the world and I am incredibly lucky and blessed to have her in my life. But that wasn't always the caseā€¦.

I first met Minna in High School. She was the popular cheerleader and I was the awkward kid who had just moved from San Diego, California. We both went our separate ways until we met again in College at our church. The tables had turned considerably since High School. I was now the popular director and she was the awkward newcomer. Just kidding. 

In 2005, Minna and I went on a trip to New York with some friends and we discovered we shared a similar passion: traveling to new places and our love for Jesus Christ. Since then, we have traveled together to over 5 major cities in the U.S. and 3 countries on 2 different continents sharing new moments with friends and spreading the good news of the gospel. 

I fell in love with her family also, and I count myself blessed to have met my match from the wonderful Maker.